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Choose Your Path to Success with CyberSport Academy Online"

At CyberSport Academy Online, we offer a diverse range of specializations to help you achieve your goals in the world of esports. Whether you're interested in improving your skills as a player or learning how to manage and run a successful esports team, we've got you covered. Explore our specializations and choose the path that's right for you."

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Professional Gaming

Learn advanced tactics and strategies to become a top-performing player in your favorite game.
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Esports Management

Gain the skills you need to build and manage a successful esports team, including budgeting, marketing, and event planning.
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Game Development

Explore the world of game design and development and learn how to create your own successful games.
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Streaming and Content Creation

Develop your skills in video production, audio engineering, and content creation to become a successful streamer or content creator in the esports world.
92% Gaming Skills

Students at the school will improve their technical skills, game knowledge, and tactical awareness, allowing them to perform at a higher level in their favorite games.

99% Teamwork

Students will develop essential communication and teamwork skills, essential for success in the highly collaborative world of esports.

80% Leadership

Students interested in management and leadership roles will develop valuable skills such as budgeting, marketing, event planning, and more.

88% Creativity and Innovation

Students will have the opportunity to explore their creative sides and develop new ideas, fostering a culture of innovation in the esports industry.

Discover the benefits of our innovative, expert-led training program.

Welcome to CyberSport Academy Online: Your Destination for Esports Excellence

CyberSport Academy Online is a leading institution for esports education, offering students a comprehensive and engaging curriculum designed to help them reach their full potential in the world of esports. Our experienced instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and supportive community all come together to provide a truly exceptional training experience.

Expert Instruction

Our instructors are highly experienced and passionate about esports, providing students with top-quality training and mentorship.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Our curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest developments in the world of esports, ensuring that students are receiving the most relevant and up-to-date training.

Personalized Attention

Our small class sizes and personalized attention ensure that each student has the opportunity to receive individualized support and feedback.

Strong Community

Our supportive community fosters collaboration and networking, allowing students to make valuable connections and develop long-lasting relationships in the esports industry.

Discover the outstanding achievements of our talented esports players.

Champions in the Making: Celebrating the Success of Our Students

At CyberSport Academy Online, we are proud to produce some of the best and brightest esports players in the world. Our students have won numerous awards and championships, demonstrating their exceptional skills and hard work. In this section, we celebrate the achievements of our most successful students and look forward to even greater victories in the future.

Choose Your Path: Our Tuition Plans

Find the best option for your needs and budget

Basic Plan

$50/month STANDARD
  • Access to online courses and tutorials
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Membership in the student community
  • Limited access to virtual tournaments

Premium Plan

$100/month STANDARD
  • All Basic Plan benefits
  • Daily one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Personalized training plans
  • Unlimited access to virtual tournaments

Pro Plan

$200/month STANDARD
  • All Premium Plan benefits
  • Exclusive access to advanced courses
  • Personalized game analytics
  • Direct interaction with professional esports players

Elite Plan

$400/month STANDARD
  • All Pro Plan benefits
  • Dedicated team of coaches
  • Priority access to events and tournaments
  • Guaranteed placement in top teams
As the Director of CyberSport Academy, I am honored to be a part of this exciting journey with you. I believe that esports has the power to bring people together and create meaningful connections, and I am committed to providing our students with the best possible training and support.
Leslie Williamson. CEO CyberSport Academy.